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Sustainability Matters

Your children will inherit a world shaped by the actions we take today. Our commitment to protecting your family's future is not limited to the courtroom.

We understand that small, sustained practices have a sizeable, positive impact over time, and that we can responsibly use resources while achieving the best outcome for you. Our actions can contribute to a safer, greener future for the next generation.

Paper-less Workflow. We have invested in using technology more and relying on paper less. We keep records electronically, are able to work remotely, and when we travel, we pack light.

Commitment to Using the Best Sources. When we do use paper, it is manufactured with a high amount of post-consumer content and is Forest Stewardship Counsel (FSC) certified. We have maintained 100% recycling of our paper waste and work to continuously improve in all other areas of office recyclables.

Working with Like-Minded Business Partners. When we engage medical and legal experts to provide support for your case, we align ourselves with not only those who are the best in their fields, but also those who are equally committed to the sustainable practices we embrace.

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