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Examples of Medical Negligence After the Birthing Process

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Illinois birth injury attorneys for Medical NegligenceLabor and childbirth is an extremely stressful process, with a variety of possible risks of injury to the mother and child. In some cases, the risk of injury or health complications may still be present after the birth is complete. Doctors and other healthcare professionals are responsible for keeping a close eye on new mothers and babies to provide any necessary care and treatment. However, these professionals sometimes make mistakes, and unfortunately, medical negligence can have long-lasting consequences.

Medical Errors Soon After Childbirth

It is not uncommon for a mother or newborn to experience some health complications after childbirth, especially if the baby was born prematurely or there were difficulties during the birth. In many cases, healthcare providers are able to attend to these complications and ensure that the mother and child are back to full health before leaving the hospital. However, it is also possible for a care provider to cause or contribute to further complications through one of the following errors:


  • Misdiagnosis - Common health complications in the days after childbirth include oxygen deficits, infections, neonatal strokes, and postpartum hemorrhaging. If a doctor fails to recognize the signs and accurately diagnose these complications as they arise, a mother or child may be at risk of permanent harm.

  • Failure to provide prompt treatment - Missed or delayed diagnoses can also mean costly delays in treatment and care. Staffing problems at a hospital could also lead to a situation in which no one is available to provide immediate attention to a mother or child in need.

  • Medication errors - A doctor may prescribe anesthesia or other medication for the treatment of postpartum conditions. When medication is administered improperly or an incorrect dosage is given, further injuries are possible.

  • Surgical errors - In some serious cases, it may be necessary for a doctor to perform surgery on the mother or newborn shortly after birth. This means a possible risk of surgical errors and ensuing injuries.


If you or your child has suffered a postpartum injury while in the care of a doctor or another health professional, you may be able to obtain compensation through a medical malpractice claim. These cases can be extremely complicated, and you will need substantial evidence of negligence in order to have a chance of succeeding, including testimony from a medical expert who has reviewed your case. An attorney can help you understand your options and determine the best course of action.

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