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Every parent hopes that their child will grow up healthy and strong. Unfortunately, approximately 2 out of 1000 children suffer from a serious condition called cerebral palsy. The causes of cerebral palsy are not fully understood. Sometimes, the condition is unavoidable. Other times, medical negligence during pregnancy or birth causes the condition.

Cerebral palsy can reduce a child’s ability to walk, talk, eat, and become an independent adult. Fortunately, there are several different treatments available to cerebral palsy sufferers that may reduce symptoms and improve mobility. A recent study has demonstrated that horse therapy, also called hippotherapy or equine therapy, is a viable treatment option for kids with cerebral palsy.


Chicago Birth Injury LawyerOne of the most wonderful moments in a family’s life is welcoming the birth of a new baby. After nine months of waiting and planning, that perfect bundle of joy has finally arrived. Unfortunately, not all labor and deliveries go smoothly. Situations occur and if the doctor and medical staff involved in the delivery are negligent or careless, the result can be tragic. Too often, these failures by medical personnel cause serious birth injuries to the baby, such as cerebral palsy (CP), and the life the family was planning is forever changed.

Medical Errors That May Lead to Cerebral Palsy

What type of mistakes do obstetricians and hospital staff make that can cause such severe injury to an otherwise healthy infant? Some of the most common include:

  • Failure to recognize the infant is in distress and delaying delivery by Caesarean section – also referred to as a C-section


Chicago Birth Injury LawyerThough a diagnosis of cerebral palsy (CP) can be troubling, many children with CP are still able to enjoy a high quality of life. There are many treatments available that can help people manage the effects of CP and improve their mental and physical abilities, and research into new treatments is ongoing. Recently, researchers from Columbia University, Cornell University, and the Burke Neurological Institute have published the results of a study looking at the benefits of a treatment method known as intensive hand therapy.

The Effects of Cerebral Palsy on Motor Skills

Cerebral palsy is a condition that is often caused by brain damage during the process of childbirth, and it can affect muscle tone, control, and coordination throughout the body. Depending on the type of CP that a person has, the condition may affect their arms, legs, or both. Some children with CP are unable to walk, while others primarily experience impairments to their fine motor control.

In the recently published study, the researchers focused on a specific effect of CP known as ipsilateral connectivity, which means that both sides of the body are controlled by one side of the brain. As a result of this condition, the children in the study struggled with mobility and control in one of their arms or hands.


Chicago Birth Injury AttorneyAs a new parent, the news that your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) can be unexpected and concerning, especially if you are not familiar with the nature of the condition. You may have many questions about what caused the condition, how it will affect your child’s life, and what you can do to help. It is important to educate yourself about CP so that you understand your options for making sure your child gets the assistance he or she needs. Here, we address some of the common misconceptions about CP to help you develop a more accurate perspective.

Misconception: CP Affects Everyone the Same Way

It is important not to jump to conclusions about the effects of your child’s cerebral palsy based on other cases of the condition that you have seen or heard about. While all cases of CP are caused by brain damage before, during, or soon after childbirth, there are several different types of CP, and the extent to which the condition affects a person’s abilities can vary significantly. Your child’s diagnosis does not necessarily mean that he or she will be unable to walk, speak, or have normal intellectual development, but it is important to pay close attention to the details of the diagnosis so that you understand your child’s specific diagnosis and the likely effects.

Misconception: CP is a Genetic Condition

Cerebral palsy cannot be passed on genetically from a parent to a child, nor can it be transmitted from person to person in any other way. Rather, it is usually the result of complications surrounding the birthing process that prevent sufficient flow of oxygen to an infant’s brain, or a traumatic brain injury during childbirth. Determining what may have caused your child’s condition can help you consider your options for seeking financial assistance.


Chicago Birth Injury LawyerIf your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) due to a birth defect or birth injury, they may face many challenges throughout their life, including impaired physical strength and coordination, limited communication abilities, mental health struggles, and difficulty completing tasks at school, at work, and in their day-to-day life. However, there are treatments available to help your child cope with these challenges, including various forms of therapy. As you search for ways to help and support your child, you should consider the benefits that therapy may offer.

Different Types of Therapy

Therapy gives your child the opportunity to work with specialists who can help them develop abilities and skills to address the different kinds of challenges they may face. Depending on the nature of your child’s condition, they may benefit from some or all of the following:

  • Physical therapy - In physical therapy, your child can perform exercises to increase their general muscle strength and coordination, which may help them sit and hold their head up, stand and walk with assistance, and hold and lift objects.

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