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Tips for Making a Home and School Accessible for a Child With Cerebral Palsy

 Posted on April 24,2024 in Cerebral Palsy

IL injury lawyerLiving with physical limitations can be challenging in a world that is built for fully able-bodied people. The world outside, with its shopping malls, amusement parks, theaters, and museums might not be as accessible as your child needs. If you have a child with cerebral palsy, you may want to make modifications so that she can at least feel at home and barrier-free in her own house. However, if you do not have cerebral palsy, it can be hard for you to think about all the ways your current home presents your child with challenges. This article will provide a list of several ways a home and school can be made more accessible and inclusive. If these seem like good ideas that could help your child, you should speak with a Chicago, IL birth injury lawyer to understand what financial assistance options you have to cover the costs of these home modifications.

Things to Consider for Home Modifications

The goal of the modifications is to make your home or school accessible to someone who might be in a wheelchair or driveway. Therefore, the following are important things to think about:

  • Can my child enter and exit the building? Ramps over a few steps, wide doorways, and a lower door handle might be good possibilities to implement.
  • Can my child move throughout the home? You may need to widen hallways and eliminate some steps to allow your child access throughout. You might consider sticking to hard floors or low-pile carpeting to allow wheels to move smoothly. 
  • Can my child fully access the bathroom? Try to make sure he can easily enter and exit at least one bathroom in the home and can use every single thing inside that bathroom. This means modifying the toilet, the sink, and the shower, with lower and easily accessible faucets, soap, toilet paper, and flushers, and making sure there is enough space inside and around the doorway for him to get around and use everything.
  • Can my child fully access the kitchen? Grab bars, lower counters, lowered refrigerator handles, and a lower sink can all be good options for kitchen accessibility.

Financing Home Modifications

When raising a child with cerebral palsy, costs can quickly add up. Between therapy, medication, special equipment, specialists, and home modifications, providing your child with an inclusive and supportive environment can be very expensive. There are several funding sources available for families like yours. A birth injury lawyer can speak with you about your child’s circumstances and advise you on your options.

Contact a Cook County, IL Birth Injury Attorney

If your child has cerebral palsy, there are several modifications you can make to your home to make it accessible for them. A knowledgeable Chicago, IL birth injury lawyer can advise you on new developments in the field and possibilities for funding. Call Birth Injury Law Alliance, Ltd. at 312-462-4200 to schedule a free consultation.

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