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What Can I Do If I Suspect the Hospital is Responsible for My Child’s Cerebral Palsy?

Posted on November 09, 2023 in Cerebral Palsy

Watching your child with cerebral palsy go through therapy is undeniably challenging and emotionally difficult. It is a heart-wrenching experience to witness their struggle and discomfort as they work hard to overcome physical and cognitive obstacles. Cerebral palsy is a condition that can significantly impact a person's life. It affects muscle control and coordination and can lead to various challenges. The treatments can be expensive. An Illinois birth injury lawyer can help show a hospital's legal responsibility in cases of cerebral palsy development due to medical negligence so that it can help you pay for the necessary care and treatment of your child.

What Treatments Necessary for Cerebral Palsy?

The frustration, pain, and emotional toll on both the child and the parents can be overwhelming. Cerebral palsy often requires extensive medical care and therapies. Here are some of the treatments commonly used:

  • Medication - Depending on the type and severity of cerebral palsy, various drugs can be prescribed, including muscle relaxants, anticholinergic medications, anticonvulsants, anti-inflammatory medications, and antidepressants.
  • Surgery - Surgical procedures may be necessary to address issues related to muscle tightness, bone abnormalities, orthopedic problems, and nerve issues.
  • Therapy - Physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy are essential for children with CP to improve their strength, motor skills, and communication abilities.
  • Equipment - Many individuals with CP require mobility aids, hearing assistance devices, nerve stimulators, breathing aids, and feeding tubes to manage their condition effectively.

What Are My Legal Rights if I Gave Birth to a Child with Cerebral Palsy?

If you suspect that your child developed cerebral palsy due to medical negligence during birth, you may seek legal recourse. Here is how you can establish a hospital's legal responsibility:

  • Medical records - Gather all medical records related to the birth, prenatal care, and postnatal care. These records can provide crucial evidence of any errors or negligence.
  • Expert witnesses - Consult with medical experts who can assess the medical procedures and determine if they deviated from the standard of care.
  • Legal consultation - Contact a qualified attorney specializing in birth injury cases. They can help you understand your legal options and guide you through the process.
  • Negligence proof - To establish legal responsibility, you must prove that the hospital or medical staff deviated from the standard of care and that this deviation directly led to your child's cerebral palsy.
  • Lawsuit - If you believe you have a strong case, you can file a lawsuit against the hospital or medical professionals involved. Your attorney will help you navigate the legal proceedings.

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Cerebral palsy requires costly treatment, and with the right care, individuals can lead fulfilling lives. If you believe medical negligence is the reason why your child has cerebral palsy, it is important to contact Birth Injury Law Alliance, Ltd.. You need a qualified Cook County, IL birth injury attorney to help you navigate the complex legal landscape and seek justice for your child. Call 312-462-4200 for a free consultation.

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