Treatments Used for Infants With Cystic Encephalomalacia

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What Treatments Can Be Used for Infants With Cystic Encephalomalacia?

 Posted on April 20,2023 in Birth Injury

Illinois Birth Injury Lawyers for Cystic Encephalomalacia
There are multiple types of birth injuries that can affect newborn infants, and some of the most serious of these injuries may result in damage to the brain. Cystic encephalomalacia is one type of brain condition that may result in permanent disabilities and health issues. Parents of children who have been diagnosed with this type of brain injury will need to understand the options for treatment and the resources that may be available to ensure that they can meet their child's needs.

Understanding Cystic Encephalomalacia

Cystic encephalomalacia is a condition characterized by the occurrence of cysts in the brain that are filled with cerebrospinal fluid. These cysts can occur for a variety of reasons, including trauma during birth, infections contracted by a child during pregnancy or delivery, maternal diabetes, or the use of certain types of medications during pregnancy, such as blood thinners. Brain injuries can also occur if a child experiences a lack of oxygen during labor and delivery, and if an infant experiences hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, cysts may develop in the brain. In rare cases, cystic encephalomalacia may occur because of genetic disorders.

Structural abnormalities in the brain are usually irreversible, and depending on the size and location of cysts, children may be affected in multiple ways. They may be diagnosed with cerebral palsy or similar developmental disorders, and they may experience delays in speech and language development, limited mobility, cognitive and intellectual disabilities, or seizures. Fortunately, there are a number of treatment options available for infants with cystic encephalomalacia and related disorders.

Treatments for Children With Cystic Encephalomalacia

The forms of treatment that may be used for children with brain injuries will address their symptoms and help them live with ongoing disabilities or health issues. These treatments may include:

  • Surgical intervention - Surgery is one option that may be considered in severe cases of cystic encephalomalacia. This procedure is typically reserved for those patients who have large cystic lesions that are causing severe neurological symptoms. During the surgery, the surgeon will drain the cyst and remove any abnormal tissue in the affected area. Shunts may also be used to drain cerebrospinal fluid and relieve pressure on the brain. Although surgery can be effective in reducing the size of cysts and improving neurological outcomes, it can be a risky procedure that may not be suitable for all infants.

  • Antiepileptic medications - Children with cystic encephalomalacia often experience seizures, which can be difficult to control. The use of anticonvulsants and other medications can help manage seizures and improve a child's overall quality of life.

  • Physical therapy - A physical therapist can work with a child to improve their motor skills, balance, and coordination. They can also help to strengthen muscles that may have been weakened due to a developmental disorder. Physical therapy can help promote greater independence and enhance a child's overall quality of life.

  • Occupational therapy - An occupational therapist can help a child develop skills and techniques that improve their ability to perform daily tasks on their own. Activities such as eating or getting dressed can be difficult for children with cystic encephalomalacia, and occupational therapy can provide them with the tools to be more independent.

  • Speech therapy - Many children with cystic encephalomalacia experience delays in language development, and they may have difficulty communicating. Through speech therapy, a child can learn how to communicate more effectively, whether it be through the use of words or other communication methods such as sign language.

Contact Our Illinois Birth Injury Lawyers for Cystic Encephalomalacia

Finding out that your child has cystic encephalomalacia can be very worrisome, and in these situations, you will want to make sure your child will have access to the treatment they need. At Birth Injury Law Alliance, Ltd., we can help you understand the resources that are available to your family, including the steps you can take to address your ongoing medical expenses and other ways your family has been affected. We can work with you to determine why a birth injury occurred and who was responsible, and we will advise you of the legal options that are available to you. To get assistance with these issues, contact our Chicago birth injury attorneys today at 312-462-4200 and arrange a free consultation.


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