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Does COVID-19 Increase the Risks of Birth Injuries?

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone in the United States, and people have had to make different types of adjustments to their lives to avoid the health risks that can result from contracting COVID-19. Pregnant women are likely to be especially concerned, since giving birth in a hospital may increase the risks of infection. It is important for mothers to understand whether their child may suffer birth injuries related to COVID-19 or whether they will be at an increased risk of maternal injuries or other complications.

Studies Show Higher Rates of Complications for Mothers With Coronavirus Infections

Expectant mothers may be concerned about how their child will be affected if they contract COVID-19 while pregnant. Fortunately, while some maternal infections have been known to cause harm to a child, preliminary research indicates that it is rare for a coronavirus infection to be passed from a mother to a child, and children are unlikely to experience birth defects.

However, even though newborns have a lower risk of harm, mothers can still suffer serious complications if they have contracted COVID-19. According to data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), pregnant women with coronavirus infections are 50 percent more likely to need care in an intensive care unit (ICU) than other women of reproductive age who have been infected. In addition, pregnant women are 70 percent more likely to be placed on a ventilator. On the other hand, the fatality rate for pregnant women and non-pregnant women is the same.

COVID-19 can be especially dangerous for pregnant women due to the fact that pregnancy on its own places a strain on the body’s respiratory and cardiovascular systems. These issues can be increased by a coronavirus infection, which can cause inflammation of the blood vessels and put additional stress on the heart and lungs. COVID-19 also increases the likelihood of blood clots, which are already more likely to occur during pregnancy and childbirth, and this can cause serious health risks for a mother.

Because the immune system is sometimes compromised during pregnancy, mothers are at risk of suffering serious health issues when they experience viral respiratory infections. Due to these concerns, doctors and medical personnel should be sure to take the proper measures to prevent COVID-19 infections, and they should be prepared to address the complications that a mother with a coronavirus infection can experience before, during, and after birth. 

Contact a Chicago Maternal Infection Attorney

If you have been exposed to the coronavirus during your pregnancy, or if you have been infected with COVID-19 during labor and delivery, you will want to make sure to address your health needs and those of your child. At the Birth Injury Law Alliance, our knowledgeable Illinois birth injury lawyers will help you determine whether medical negligence may have played a role in your case, and we will work to ensure you have the financial resources you need. To schedule a free consultation, contact our office today at 312-945-1300.





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