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Is Uterine Rupture Caused by Medical Malpractice?

Posted on in Maternal Injuries

chicago birth injury lawyerDespite advances in medical technology, women still face the risk of maternal injury. Maternal injuries vary in severity, with some only causing minor harm. However, in some instances, both the mother and the baby can be severely hurt.

Uterine rupture is among the most serious maternal injuries. The term describes the tearing of the mother’s uterus during pregnancy or childbirth.

During labor, the mother’s uterus expands as she delivers her baby. After birth, the uterus retracts back to its normal size. However, in some instances, the pressure of the baby strains the uterine walls to the point that they begin to tear or “rupture.”

The consequences can be dire. The mother may experience severe bleeding and excruciating pain. The baby can also be harmed, as the rupture may impact their oxygen levels. In extreme cases, the injury can be fatal for both the mother and the baby. Even if it is not fatal, uterine rupture can cause permanent disability and leave the mother unable to give birth again.

Sometimes, it is unclear why some uterine ruptures occur. However, there are factors that make them more likely, including:

  • Caesarian section: Women who have delivered via c-section are more at risk. The part of the uterus that was operated on is often weaker and more susceptible to tearing.
  • Larger babies: The larger the baby, the more pressure on the uterus.
  • Multiple pregnancies: The uterus tends to weaken and lose its elasticity after multiple pregnancies.
  • Use of prostaglandins: Prostaglandins are drugs used to induce labor. They are known to weaken scar tissue, which could expose women with previous c-sections to increased risk.

Uterine Rupture Lawsuits

As discussed, certain mothers are at increased risk of uterine rupture. Additionally, uterine ruptures rarely happen spontaneously – there are often signs before and during labor that a rupture is in process.

If a doctor fails to follow established standards of care by ignoring the risks and signs of uterine rupture, they could be liable for medical negligence.

If the mother or baby experience serious injury or death because of the rupture, they are able to sue the doctor to recoup money for their losses.

Contact a Chicago Maternal Injury Lawyer

If you believe your uterine rupture was caused by medical negligence, vindicating your rights begins with contacting an experienced Chicago maternal injury lawyer.

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